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Meet the team

The Begining

You probably agree that, when bar hopping on a Friday night, the only difficult decision you should be making is ordering your drink straight up or on the rocks. That’s what our founders Dusty Stutsman and Bryan Brand believe, anyhow. The two friends partnered with the goal of making going out as easy (and awesome) as possible.

Back in 2010, we launched the first NIGHTOUT app that was meant to help our users find the hottest club or trending restaruant and bar around the corner, while simultaneously offering some pretty sweet deals on drinks, food, and entry. From there, we brought event producers into the mix, helping them market their events or venues.

Where it changed

Fast forward to 2013. We had been working lockstep with many event producers while also producing a handful of our own lifestyle events and festivals. At the time, there were a handful of tools on the market aimed at creating basic, cookie-cutter event pages and selling tickets. These alternatives required sacrificing brand identity and forking over high fees while missing out on valuable data and integrated marketing capabilities: No one was really nailing it. We at NIGHTOUT answered back, offering a more powerful and personalized event ticketing and marketing platform.


Today, NIGHTOUT is the go-to brand for top event producers and venues nationwide. While new features are continually being added and the platform is ever-expanding, our original vision has remained the same. We still seek out the best way for partygoers to enjoy unrivaled experiences through game-changing technology. Because like we said, going out should be as easy – and awesome – as possible.

Meet the team

Dusty Stutsman looking fly
Dusty Stutsman
Brittany bringing the energy per usual!
Brittany Borsuk
Director of Partner Success
Spencer Steffen in for the win with the best portrait of the team!
Spencer Steffen
Milo, So hot right now...Milo
Milo Delgado
Ze Jyace, Jyacing about in Ze Denver.
Jyace Stutsman
Business Development
It's pronoucned Jeeesssssss
Yesenia Garcia
Support Specialist
Bryan Brand, or is that Ryan Reynolds?
Bryan Brand
Ezzzzz!!! She got you.
Esmeralda Winland
Support Specialist
Brooock brock brock brock.
Brock Strasbourger
Board Member
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