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Tickets are located in your account. You can view, print, email and even text them directly to yourself and / or your friends.

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Change name on tickets

Is someone else going to the event with your tickets? Not a problem.

You can change the name and text or email them to the new guest(s) in your account.

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Creating my event

Do you want your event on the most powerful ticketing and marketing platform? We thought you might! Use NIGHTOUT and our next gen tools to sell your tickets, tables, merch, and much more!

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More FAQs

Where can I get more info about an event?

Your best bet is to reach out directly to the event organizer. You can typically find their contact details and web resources on the event page. If you run into any snags you can always get in touch with us and we’ll help with whatever we can. Contact Support

Can I get a refund?

Each event has it's own refund policy that is set forth by the event organizer or venue. Most events have a zero refund policy and there's nothing NIGHTOUT can do process a refund for you.

You can typically find an event's refund policy on the event page in the "Purchase Conditions" box located near the bottom of the event's description. If you are uncertain about your event's refund policy, we recommend you contact the event organizer for their policy.

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