CALABASH began as a collaboration between two aspiring singer/songwriters in the heart of America's music city, Nashville, Tennessee. Having formed the group with a shared determination for performing original music, the duo of Paul Wiemeier and Jarod Heim returned back to their home of Evansville, Indiana where they had both once thrived as freelance performers. As their sound and songwriting grew, so did the lineup. What was once a simple acoustic duo had become an onslaught of rhythm and melody. After years of gigging regionally and building up a fan base, CALABASH has risen to new heights. CALABASH has become a mainstay at Time & Space in Louisville, continues to headline The Mousetrap in Indianapolis, rock the stage at the infamous Preservation Pub in Knoxvillel, and even opened for Grammy nominee artist Afro Man! Trying to throw CALABASH into a distinct genre or classify them is an impossible feat. Their sound encompasses two lead singers, each with commanding vocals, yet, with pronounced differences in style and lyric. The rhythm and bass will keep you entranced, while the lead guitar will leave you begging for more. Their vast assemblage of percussion instruments is unrivaled and seldom seen with other performing acts in the region. All of these devices course together in what can only be personally described by each listener’s experience. With heartfelt lyrics about everyday life and the triumphs and tragedies within, fans are able to draw a connection between their own experiences and the soundtrack of CALABASH. A flowing mix of rock, blues, reggae, and folk is carefully woven into each original composition. Their musical library is fillled with creative, pulse pounding, body moving songs and each set list is tailored to the venue and crowd to which they are performing, so you will never hear the same set list twice. "Booking music for a living, and as the owner of Lamasco Bar and Grill, I spend hours on a daily basis scouring the regional area for new music. One of my personal favorites doesn't require me to look much further than my own back yard. Calabash is essentially Lamasco's house band, and one of my most dear group of musicians. Their sound blends elements of so many genres, their songwriting is superb, and the sound is pure genius; simply put, they are a personal favorite and a must see for any music lover" - Amy Rivers-Word, owner of Lamasco Bar and Grill "Many bands haven’t swum far in the rivers, lakes and oceans of Rock the way Calabash has. It makes them sleek and strong with a self-assured intensity that’s one part show band, another part self-examining team of philosophers" - "While they don't care to put a label on the band's sound, you can safely call it eclectic, the result of a wide range of musical influences...Simply put, it's a sound that has a little something for everybody" - Thomas Ellis, NEWS4U magazine "Calabash has become the go-to entertainment in the tri-state. Entertaining the fans and those who are new to the band, Calabash continues to share its determination for great live original music. As a supporter of local music at WUEV 91.5 FM, I believe that Calabash has great things in front of it and will always supply the good times whenever and wherever they perform." - Paul Mattingly, WUEV 91.5 FM ( "Calabash is a mainstay at 'Evening on the River', held each year in June along the Evansville riverfront. The band's distinct flavor of live music is enjoyable to music lovers of all ages, so it is a perfect fit for this unique event. 'Evening on the River' raises funds to support the many parks in Evansville. Without the support of the talented performers in our area, this important event wouldn't be possible. We look forward to many more years of Calabash entertaining the crowds at 'Evening on the River'." - Laurel Meny, Evansville Parks Foundation Board Member