The Final HaiLands Underground w/ Behrouz [Special Open to Close 5HR Set]

Friday, June 2

9:00pm - 2:00am MDT

Hai Bar below Sushi Hai

3600 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211
FriJun | 02
The Final HaiLands Underground w/ Behrouz [Special Open to Close 5HR Set]
Hai Bar below Sushi Hai
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THANK YOU all for the countless memories and experiences down in the Hai Bar! We are closing an era with one of our absolute favorite artists on the face of the planet; the very definition of a magician and storyteller, the living legend Behrouz! 

We invite you one last time to experience an intimate evening with one of the most talented and well-respected artists in the world, the epitome of what it means to be a DJ's DJ, as he weaves the most flawless and epic of sonic journeys into one captivating special 5HR open to close set! 

Join us for one last dance, as you enjoy a signature Sushi Hai roll, and a imbibe on a sip of sake or three to wash it all down! 

We promise nothing but the highest caliber of sounds and vibes and ensure that this will be one you would hate to miss. 

After this, SeifhauS moves on to bigger and better. The future still remains beautifully untold but we know that wherever we go, the good times will follow. We already have some amazing things lined up! Save your energy on this night, because we have a very special DOUBLE HEADLINER Rooftop party taking place the very next day on JUNE 3RD! More details to follow!

  • Hai Bar below Sushi Hai

    3600 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211

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We are SeifhauS, pronounced 'Safe House', a forward thinking exporter of music, arts, and culture known for curating unique musical events featuring local, national, and international artists, DJs, and producers all throughout Denver for the past seven years. More than underground dance music event producers and promoters, we are independent and dynamic 'Experience Creators' as we like to call ourselves who bring together Good People and Good Music as to create both community and memories on and off the dance floor. We are humbly recognized for hosting some of the best parties in town with the world's most respected and talented artists (from deep house to techno and everything in between), often at venues and spaces we’ve passionately transformed, creating immersive and beautiful atmospheres that have come to define our signature aesthetic resulting in experiences that truly separate us from the fray. SeifhauS is more than Good People and Good Music under the same roof, it is a VIBE that is felt no matter where we host.

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