REPRISE at W Los Angeles West Beverly Hills ft. Marc Baker

Wednesday, May 16

8:00pm - 10:00pm PDT

W Los Angeles

930 Hilgard Ave, , Los Angeles, CA 90024
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A monthly event rotating between music. art. fashion. Enjoy speciality cocktails and live music.

Our next event takes place Wednesday, May 16th 8p - 10p featuring a live performance by Marc Baker.

About Marc Baker

Marc Baker brings a punk attitude to pop and modern romance to punk. He performs in a three-piece suit, and throws white roses into the crowd. The Melbourne born and bred singer gives his all with class and inimitable panache. He swings the mic around his neck, creating a contagious frenetic energy. The music, too, is reflective of all these things compounded with the indelible melodies prevalent on the records he grew up listening to, which continue to serve as inspiration. Filtered through his and producer Benjamin Plant’s (MIAMI HORROR) discerning ears—the music recorded during their sessions yields a contemporary spin on that beloved, vintage sound. The Four Oh Five dubbed “No Place I’d Rather Be,” his debut single, the song of the summer; claiming it is “three minutes and 46 seconds of pure euphoria.” Further to that, the song illustrates the emotion Baker so brazenly wears on his sleeve: “There is no place I’d rather be than next to you, holding hands, watching the world fall to pieces,” he sings. But it’s the yearning expressed—that desire and desperation to connect—which is most revelatory about Baker and the timeliness of his arrival. Sure, while that sentiment of longing is no stranger to song—it’s perhaps even more relevant today, where connectivity, though ostensibly at our fingertips, has never been so far away.

Party Nails always tried to make it work with what she had. She started with guitar and 

fell in love with the instrument, playing everything from Renaissance to country music 

with the musicians in the small town she grew up in (Chatham, New York was 

disproportionately musical, one could say). She decided she wanted to go to college so 

she applied and paid for it herself. In college a friend who sensed her interest in 

production showed her how to use Logic Pro and gifted her an audio interface and 

headphones. From there her songwriting took on many different forms, including 

instrumental compositions for real and electronic instruments. She performed her 

compositions at school and local festivals and functions. After school she moved to New

York City and whilst working to pay her student loans started an electronic band called 

Vernous. With her friend Nico Hedley, a noise guitarist and bass player, and a rotating 

drummer, they performed original material in the vein of Ladytron and The Knife. Gear 

comes and gear goes, and so do band lineups and goals. But what stuck around were 

her laptop, her voice, and the incessant urge to write. After a move to Los Angeles and 

a few failed collaborations, since 2015 Party Nails has released two singles, two videos,

an EP, and a feature with Owsla artist Getter. Her work has been called “an absolute 

dream” (Neon Gold), “a fierce bit of pop” (Noisey), and “part Charli XCX and part Cyndi 

Lauper...on the verge of blowing up” (Bullett Media). She maintains a low budget and a 

penchant for rhyming couplets (she blames that last one on her love for old country 


Party Nails is pop writer/singer/producer and upstate New York native Elana Belle 

(Bullett Media).

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

8:00pm - 10:00pm PDT
  • W Los Angeles

    930 Hilgard Ave, , Los Angeles, CA 90024

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