"I AM HER. SHE IS ME" 2019

An afternoon of fun and connection for mothers and daughters with facilitation by Dr. Colleen Crowley, renowned psychologist, and a self defense workshop with Dr. Teri Jory, 4th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. Jenny Schatzle  (Bond Fitness) will be back for a third year to share her energetic message of how you can rewire how you look at yourself and your potential. And we are so excited to welcome Victoria Strong (Gwendolyn Strong Foundation) as our vibrant and strong Emcee.


Sunday, April 7

12:30pm - 4:00pm

The Performing Arts Center

531 E Cota Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
SunApr | 07
"I AM HER. SHE IS ME" 2019
The Performing Arts Center
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      Children should be 10 years of age and older.

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Empowered Mothers, Empower Daughters

This year’s I Am Her. She Is Me is about empowering women through strength.


Pre-teen and teen girls need their mothers more than they know.  Leading with strength, this event offers mothers and daughters new insights into on what it means to be emotionally and physically strong.  


The afternoon is a chance for mothers and daughters to fine meaningful connection with facilitation by Dr. Colleen Crowley, renowned psychologist. Included will be a self-defense workshop by Dr. Teri Jory, 4th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a Yoga Class  for the girls with Elyse Grossman, (Yoga Instructor who works with SB Middle School students),  A rousing, welcome from Jenny Schatzle  (Bond Fitness.) And, Victoria Strong (Gwendolyn Strong Foundation) will be our vibrant, strong Emcee.


Dr. Colleen Crowley, back by popular demand, returns to facilitate the discussion with mothers around this theme.

Dr. Teri Jory inspires us to lead with heart and strength. She teaches us how be empowered with physical and mental tools to feel prepared, self assured and confident in your own skin no matter the circumstance. 

Jenny Schatzle  doesn't just change bodies; she changes lives. Jenny is a Fitness/Nutrition expert and Life Motivator; and creator of the hugely successful Bond Fitness Program.

Elyse Grossman believes that yoga allows students to explore new challenges in a safe environment while promoting an experience on the mat that challenges the body, quiets the mind, awakens the heart and inspires the soul. She is a yoga instructor and works with the students at Santa Barbara Middle School.

Victoria Strong is the founder of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, which supports families with special needs and is building the first universally accessible playground in SB. Victoria also created the NEVER GIVE UP. Non-profit apparel brand to foster the courage and resilience in all of us. She and her husband live in SB and have three daughters.


Including break-out sessions, refreshments, exciting ideas and a powerful final hour that brings everyone together with tools of strength, the bonds fostered at this event will help empower the next generation of female leaders. 

Join us in creating a multi-generational legacy of strong female leaders in our community.  

 All proceeds benefit the Arts Mentorship Program, a non-profit providing creative guidance, mentorship, and financial support to young and emerging performing artists in the Santa Barbara community. Please help support this incredible workshop!

This event is specifically designed for the mother & daughter (ages 10-17) relationship, but all are welcome to join us.

To inquire about scholarships for this event, please contact info@ampsb.org.

  • The Performing Arts Center

    531 E Cota Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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