Fri, August 24, 2018 - 5:30pm

Doubletree Hotel

Festival of Color Denver — 4th Annual www.FestivalOfColorDenver.com This latin inspired celebration will honor the beautiful colors we are. Join the CELEBRATION OF LIFE, latin style!Bringing the love of language that is Spanish and English 'Spanglish' to weave this night together.Esta noche vamos a celebrar la dimensión real, el carácter universal, el indudable potencial y la fuerza incontenible de lo Latino. En este país se reúnen un crisol de comunidades que hablan la lengua cervantina, que enriquecen día a día la vida cultural del país y que aportan valores apoyados en su propia dignidad y en el poderoso sentimiento de sentirnos unidos, con el corazón abierto, amor por su bandera, y con la idea clara de que todos podemos abrazar la idea de lo Latino y el orgullo de sentirnos Hispano-Americanos. The FESTIVAL OF COLOR noted for longest runway, largest most extravagant fashion show musical concert immersion experience of its kind!Presented by JAnthony Productions, Aguilera Promotions, Riviera Fashion by Juanita Cardenas, Estrella TV and Mi Pueblo Market, Mango Mortgage, and Land4PrintingDynamic Lights. Music. Energy. Fashion. Celebration. Culture. Art. A latin inspired event...celebrando la mezcla de Español!18+ EventFriday, August 24, 20185:30PM Doors open - Cocktails, VIP Dinner Pre-show, Network, Exhibitors, YOU!7:30PM ShowtimeDoubletree Grand Ballroom3203 Quebec St., Denver, CO 80207Join us and represent your Latin roots....Dress for your country!Featuring Colorado Community Leaders and Business Owners plus...113+ Models40+ Hair & Makeup Artists10+ Designers300+ Family/Friends/Fans40+ Performers/Artists/Painters/Sculptors 20+ Staff/VolunteersMedia coverage, surprises and more!Build your network. Build your brand. Have a great time doing it!Festival of Color in past years packed out with hundreds involved in production and guests.Video glimpse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUIY23gMml8&t=99sThis time we are targeting Latinos "Spanglish" speakers. Largest show of its kind in the country and growing!Another JAnthony Production 720.515.6527 or 719.200.5937
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JAnthony Productions is responsible for opening many doors for many people in the Fashion and Modeling Industry. We succeed only if our people succeed.

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