DTLA Film Festival Shorts: Only in DTLA

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Sat, Sep 23 - Mon, Jan 1

REGAL L.A. LIVE - Theater 12

Sep 23Jan 01

DTLA Film Festival Shorts: Only in DTLA

REGAL L.A. LIVE - Theater 12
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Shorts made in and featuring downtown Los Angeles in all it's thriving, evolving glory! DTLA!!!

Total Running Time 92 minutes / 6 films


USA | Narrative | 2017 | 16 min.

Director: Marshall Taylor

Additional Credits: Writer: Marshall Tyler, Producers: Moira Griffin, Efuru Flowers, Cinematography: Eric Branco 

Tunde Adebimpe (NASTY BABY) plays OLLY JEFFRIES, an on-again off-again actor whose career has stagnated over the years and ends up gigging as a bathroom attendant in a LA nightclub, called “The Fix”. Quick easy, tax-free money to hold him over between jobs is what he told himself when he first tried it out one weekend at the suggestion of a friend, but quickly convinced himself it wasn’t so bad and found a strange solitude that agreed with him.  It’s the joy he finds in being invisible, something he calls the art of disappearing.

Print Source / Contact

Efuru Flowers

[email protected]


USA | Narrative | 2016 | 20 min.

Director: Brett Gursky

Additional Credits: Writers: Tanner Anderson, James Rabb, Producers: Tanner Anderson, Dan Kaplow, Will Simmons, Gilman Anderson, Cinematographer: Josh Silfen

An aspiring graffiti artist is thrust into the underbelly of Los Angeles street art, jeopardizing his career and relationships, all in an attempt to pursue his passion.

Print Source / Contact

Tanner Anderson

[email protected]


France | Narrative | 2017 | 16 min.

Director: Jonathan Vinel

Imagine you wake up one day, all your friends have disappeared. The friends that should be there are gone. So you look. You look everywhere. Every hiding place, each inch of the city, all the marshes, all the rivers. You look, but cannot find them.

Print Source / Contact

Louise Rinaldi

[email protected]


USA | Narrative | 2016 | 12 min.

Director: Keith Ewell

Additional Credits: Writer: Keith Ewell, Producers: Keith Ewell, Brandon Sonnier, Alexander Skarsgård, Cinematographer: Richard Vialet

A couple fights to save their relationship that has been surreptitiously driven by the paternalistic, cultural, and media driven expectations on love engrained in us all.

Print Source / Contact

Keith Ewell

[email protected]


USA | Narrative | 2017 | 4 min.

Director: William Rowe

A homeless mother's world is turned upside down when she begins to vanish from reality. She sets out on a desperate race against time to find someone to help her before she is gone forever.

Print Source / Contact

William Rowe

[email protected]


USA | Narrative | 2016 | 24 min.

Director: Jeoff Hanser

Additional Credits: Writer: Jeoff Hanser, Producers: Jeoff Hanser, Nathan Bunker, Clarity Mills, Ruby Cantu, Thomas Ethan Harris, Michael Plaster, Cinematographer: David Lassiter

A man has sex with a sex doll; a year later a plastic baby shows up on his doorstep.

Print Source / Contact

Jeoff Hanser

[email protected]

When & Where
Sat, Sep 23 - Mon, Jan 1
  • REGAL L.A. LIVE - Theater 12
    1000 West Olympic
    Los Angeles, CA

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