Designated Drunkard October

Sat, October 7, 2017 - 7:00pm

Comedy RoomRoom at El Charrito

Comedy and alcohol have always shared an enduring but volatile symbiosis, but few shows court boozy overindulgence like Designated Drunkard: A Comedy Drinking Game. A local franchise of a showcase format that originated in New Orleans — where dignified day drinking is a resident's birthright — Designated Drunkard turns the foibles, obsessions and tics of local and traveling standups into prompts for the audience to take a drink. Co-hosts Caitie Hannan and Westword's own Byron Graham not only produce and emcee the show, but one of them will be sitting on stage in the titular role, leading the audience in shot challenges and rotating roles each month for the sake of their livers. Presented in partnership with Sexpot Comedy, September's show features local mirth merchants Katie Bowman, De Kelly, Rachel Weeks, Greg Baumhauer and John "Hippieman" Novosad. That's all the giggles your gut can handle for only FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS!
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Designated Drunkard

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