Beer Fight Club Main Event #3

Sat, May 20, 2017

Larimer Beer Hall

SatMay | 20

Beer Fight Club Main Event #3

Larimer Beer Hall
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      Your ticket includes: free taster glass, unlimited tasters of the 8 competing breweries and the right to vote of each beer fight.

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      Ticket purchase includes: Free 5 oz taster glass per ticket, unlimited tasters from the 8 competing Breweries and the right to vote for the winner!

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It is time for Beer Fight Club Main Event #3...

Colorado's Most Exciting Blind Craft Beer Tasting Competition!

8 amazing Colorado Craft Breweries will be battling in a head to head competition at Larimer Beer Hall to see who has the "Best" beer. Winners will qualify to compete in the Beer Fight Club Championships.

The 8 new Beer Fight Club "Member" Breweries are:

  1. Avery Brewing
  2. Odd13 Brewing
  3. Four Noses Brewing
  4. Liquid Mechanics
  5. Fate Brewing
  6. Bootstrap Brewing
  7. Gravity Brewing
  8. Boulder Beer Co

As Beer Fight Club Devotees you get:

  • To decide which brewery wins the coveted title of "Beer Fight Club" winner
  • Unlimited Pours from all 8 competing breweries
  • Tons of prize giveaways
  • Free 5oz taster glass
  • Great food specials from The Larimer Beer Hall

Come and support 8 great Colorado Craft Breweries as they compete to be crowned "Beer Fight Club" winner!

When & Where
Saturday, May 20, 2017
  • Larimer Beer Hall
    2012 Larimer St
    Denver, CO

Over the last few years we have personally visited over 125 breweries in this great state.We take the time to enjoy each brewery for its character,vibe and culture and try to engage with local patrons,bar staff and brewers to learn more about what makes them special and unique.Through this we have discovered a great many things not to mention we have developed a palate beyond our actual beer preferences. So,like many things the idea of a Colorado based beer competition and festival started over a pint of beer in a local brewery between our friends,a brewer and us.Thus,the “Beer Fight Cub” competitions were born. SO COME BE A PART OF HISTORY,DRINK SOME GREAT BEER AND SUPPORT THE COLORADO CRAFT BEER INDUSTRY!

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