Winter Classic

Mon, March 13, 2017 - 7:00pm


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Age Limit: 17 and Over

When & Where
Monday, March 13, 2017
7:00pm - 11:00pm CDT
  • Downstairs
    2011 W. North Ave.
    Chicago, IL


Dudes. Occasional gas. Insolvent financial histories. Excellent sandwich makers.

Lancaster PA's SPILL are no strangers to the polarizing nature of both success and failure. A theme that is the driving force of their debut full length on No Sleep Records titled "Top Ten". Diving into the ups and downs of life, juggling being in a band, working a shitty day job, and trying to deal with relationships throughout all of it. Recorded at The Headroom (Joyce Manor, Hop Along) with Kyle Pulley (Thin Lips) and featuring a guest appearance by Chris Diehm (1994! Thin Lips, Year of Glad). Top Ten is an instant beer and blood-soaked Rickenbacker rock'n'roll signaling. The musical equivalent of a movie scene where the protagonist wakes up in their clothes , lights a cigarette, chugs a beer, and walks outside to face the terror of everyday life with a sadistic smile and understanding of the bullshit ahead of him. SPILL makes you feel like it's ok your life is fucked sometimes, cause hey, isn't everyones? Pessimistic Optimism isn't an Oxymoron, it's a band called SPILL.

It's really easy to play it safe and jump on board the latest trend, imitating the exact style and sound of everyone's favorite band of the week. It's really easy to play into the hands of a specific demographic, knowing without a doubt in your mind that kids will eat up every hook and pile on for every sing-a-long. But how many times can we walk down the same old roads? At some point, we need to break from this monotony and make our own roads. We need to create something for ourselves that is more than just a quick, cheap, and easy sell. Something that has many layers to dissect, discover, and enjoy. This is what Aficionado has set out to do.

Drawing influence from an array of bands ranging from At the Drive-In, to Cursive, to the Hold Steady, Aficionado has a developed a unique style they are happy to call their own. With roots in punk music, the band mixes organ, flute, and occasional horn arrangements into it's unorthodox blend of post-punk.

Reliable rock n' roll. Chicago, IL

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Winter Classic


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