Sorority Noise

Sat, December 10, 2016 - 7:30pm

Chain Reaction

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When & Where
Saturday, December 10, 2016
7:30pm - 11:30pm PST
  • Chain Reaction
    1652 Lincoln Avenue
    Anaheim, CA


"Since we haven't covered Sorority Noise on Stereogum yet, here's a little primer: The Connecticut four-piece put out their debut album, Forgettable, earlier this year. It's a charming collection of down-on-your-luck soft punk songs, filled with self-loathing lines and sarcastic quips that are mostly used as a defense mechanism. It's nostalgia-tinged music that borders on power-pop, borrowing just as heavily from early Brand New as it does from Weezer. The band travels in the same circles as some faves — they recently released a split with Radiator Hospital and share a label with Band To Watch For Everest and Epoch member Told Slant (not to mention #emorevival raison d'être The World Is A Beautiful Place…). They recently announced that two of their founding members were departing to start a new group, so the future of the band is a little fuzzy — they're continuing on, but the dynamic will almost certainly change. If their upcoming split with Boston-based rockers Somos ends up as some sort of swan song to the band as it once was, it's a pretty good send-off. "Wesleyan's Best Dressed" sounds a lot like the buttoned-up, anxious students that might attend the titular university. "If you asked me to be all of your dreams/ I'm sure I'd let you down," Cameron Boucher sings without a hint of irony. It's a sterling example of the band's disarming charisma, and you can listen below." - Stereogum

We started playing together in July of 2011. We listen to 90's emo music.

Over the last two years Never Young have become a staple of the Northern Californian music scene. Formed in 2014 around the songwriting partnership of childhood friends Christopher Adams and Nikolas Soelter, they've developed a unique, urgent blend of 90's punk combined with an idiosyncratic knack for writing angular pop songs. They've been described as "Sonic Youth, At The Drive In, and My Bloody Valentine having a ménage à trois", an exceedingly tight, hook filled slab of noise.

For Singles Tape II: SoftBank, the quartet leans into their pop inclinations, finding solace in bright melodies and clever structures. There's the immediacy of "Beta Male Erotica" and its shimmering guitars, the simple, chanty refrain of "Soap," and the dense, churning energy of "Gasoline Aphrodisiac," ending in the climactic declaration, 'and I like it', repeated over and over before cymbals crash and scraping guitars conclude. The five-song EP was recorded in San Francisco at Ruminator Audio with Monte Vallier (Wax Idols, Weekend) with production aid from Shaun Durkan of Weekend. Singles Tape II: SoftBank will be released on October 14, 2016 via Father/Daughter Records.

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Sorority Noise

Chain Reaction

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