Fri, December 2, 2016 - 9:00pm

Triple Rock Social Club

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When & Where
Friday, December 2, 2016
9:00pm - 1:00am CST
  • Triple Rock Social Club
    629 Cedar Ave S.
    Minneapolis, MN



"Maybe what impresses me most about Absolutely Not guitarist and front man Donnie Moore is his bizarre knack for sounding like a charming snot-nosed brat. Absolutely Not are at their best when they hammer through blown-out garage songs that last less than two minutes and let Moore's charisma take charge, and that's apparently the plan on Mister Something. The album is loud, obnoxious (this is a good thing), and exceedingly zany." - Chicago Reader

"Absolutely Not's penchant for groove-infused lo-fi is a force of grungy goodness, flowing through short, to-the-point songs that are as fierce as they are fun." - Pop'stache

"Absolutely Not deliver quite the wild ride in a minute thirty.The local rockers merge dance-y punk rock and glammy guitars with unbridled, synth-fueled garage rock for a sound that addictive as diet coke." - Loud Loop Press

"Absolutely Not is the brainchild of Donnie Moore and generates infectious one-two beat punk chords. It's an Iggy Pop meets Kevin Barnes approach to jagged garage-rock." - TIMEOUT Chicago

"Absolutely Not bring to mind a more pissed off Thermals, substituting punk-pop for a buildings-on-fire immediacy of hooks." - WINDY CITY ROCK

"Recently, long-running Orlando fanzine Kick Bright Zine has been doing showcases to spotlight out-of-state bands they dig. The latest featured Chicago's Absolutely Not (Oct. 13, Peacock Room), whose spark plug combo of garage punk and live-wire pop jolted the room with high voltage. They nail the bull's-eye because their urgency verges on wild, but their playing always remains on-rails tight. And though their catalog was entirely new to me, this high-impact performance ripped forth like an all-hits set list. And that says a lot about their songs. Absolutely Not? Definitely yes." - ORLANDO WEEKLY

"(#1 Staff pick of the week) Tonight's all-ages show features a full line-up of blooming acts, connected once again with Louisville and Chicago bands. Absolutely Not come fully loaded with songs from their debut, Extended, and plenty of Chicago love. One must appreciate their tightly wound song scheme; it's aggressive, but not characteristically sloppy for a band labeled as garage rock." - LEO WEEKLY

"You've probably heard of the bands Wavves and Times New Viking? They are bands that are get a lot of attention in the press for leading a movement of lo-fi scuzzy sounding indie rock. They even get records released on Fat Possum and Matador Records. But you probably haven't heard of Absolutely Not, who operate on a similar level but do it so much better than those bands. Absolutely Not is the spazzed out lo-fi music project of Donnie Moore. His band only played a small number of shows in Central Florida from late 2006 to early 2007 before relocating to Chicago. Before moving, he recorded two albums worth of material (Dancing on Elizabeth Taylor and Products of Robot Relationships) that is just out-of-this-world amazing, but you'd be hard pressed finding it anywhere! He told us he recorded it late at night by himself in his apartment in his underwear. Haha. I totally believe him. The music is fast and fun, not making the mistake of being serious. He'll keep things razor sharp and unpredictable. He just released an EP in 2010 called 'It's Over' which is easier to get. The newer material is not as frantic but still pretty great. I find it hard to believe labels aren't fighting over each other to release his music. Filling out his live band in the early days were Courtney Rackley, and Trisha Burrows. The three of them all switched between drums, guitar and keyboard depending the song; each showing off their individual skill on multiple instruments. In their short-lived existence I put them in the running for most memorable bands to come out of the Sunshine State. Moving to Chicago should get him much needed attention. When the trend ends a lot of these bands and their music won't hold up in the long run or need to be remembered- this won't be said of Absolutely Not." -KICK BRIGHT ZINE

"Absolutely Not, from Chicago, opened for Menomena. They were good! Wicked fuzz with warped keyboard lines and a hint of Blue Meanies style yelping and mood." - GONZO CHICAGO

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Triple Rock Social Club

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