A Real Look At Distribution

Sun, Sep 24 - Mon, Jan 1

REGAL L.A. LIVE - Theater 13

Sep 24Jan 01

A Real Look At Distribution

REGAL L.A. LIVE - Theater 13
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True stores and advice that will help you avoid the pitfalls of traditional distribution, find a great distribution partner, and learn how to connect and engage with an audience for your film.  You'll learn about the importance of embracing the marketing process as just another phase of production that starts with your script and continues throughout the life of your film.

Finding an audience for your movie doesn’t start after you finish with festivals.  It begins the moment you decide to make a movie.  That’s why we’re inviting industry experts and filmmakers that can talk to you about how to prepare for the distribution of your movie.  That way, when you are ready to release your movie, you will have an audience already waiting to see it.  The studios have always done this by using billboards, TV/print ads and magazine articles, well in advance of a movie’s release.  This type of promotion is not an option for truly independent filmmakers.  Now social media offers us the opportunity to reach a global audience with little or even no budget.  Understanding how to do this can mean success or failure for your movie.


Linda Nelson - Filmmaker, Film Distributor, Social Media Advocate 

Geoff Ryan - Award-winning Filmmaker (FRAY), Commercial Director, great story for people who want a directing career  

Al Bradley - Successful documentary filmmaker who made his way from Detroit to LA by persistently creating content and connecting with his audience  

Christian Meoli - Theatrical Distributor - Arena Cinelounge

Glen Reynolds – Founder and CEO of Circus Road Films and Media Circus

When & Where
Sun, Sep 24 - Mon, Jan 1
  • REGAL L.A. LIVE - Theater 13
    1000 West Olympic
    Los Angeles, CA

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